PSCUSA001B  'Cutty Sark' at Greenwich PSCUSA002B  'Cutty Sark' at Greenwich PSCUSA003B  'Cutty Sark' at Greenwich PSEURO001  Barque 'Europa'   Dutch Sail Training Ship
PSFYAC001  French Yacht (Unidentified) PSGRTU001  Grand Turk PSGRTU002  Grand Turk PSIRIS001  Ketch 'Iris'  Restored by the Dutch
PSKITT001  Thames Sailing Barge 'Kitty' PSPICL001  Schooner Pickle   Ocean Youth Trust PSROY001  Brig Royalist    Sea Cadet Association Traing Ship PSROY002  Brig Royalist   Sea Cadet Association Training Ship
PSUNK001  Unknown Brig PSUNK002  Unknown Charter Vessel to Serco UNKARE001  TS Arethusa.